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Company Profile Content Samples

Business Illumination

  • Business Title: M/S. Dharani Enterprises, Bellarry, Karnataka.
  • Type of ownership : Partnership
  • Year of Establishment: 2015
  • Registration details: Service tax No- AALFD4834ESD001
  • Business Concerns :
    1) Functioning as Freight Cargo Movers, Transport Operators, Transport Contractors & Agents
    2) Assisting in Structural Erections and Fabrication contracts, Manpower Supply for Civil Works, Construction contracts, Road works, and Plant Operation and Maintenance contracts
    3) Trading in all kinds of Electrical goods and Industrial Safety Products
    4) Trading in GGBS and Fly Ash/Slag and related products

Company Preface

Dharani Enterprises is one of the budding Industrial support services providers. The venture is backed by 10 years of rich experience and young promoters from industrial and commerce background. The venture is into transportation of Fly Ash, Slag, GGBS and cement in bulkers/open trucks. The business is set out to spread its exceptional services across Karnataka and India.

Dharani Enterprises assist in planning of Structural erections and fabrication, Manpower Supply required for Civil & Labor Works, undertaking construction contracts, road works, Plant operation and maintenance contacts.

Dharani Enterprises deals with electrical goods and Industrial Safety Products along with GGBS, Fly Ash/Slag and related products. Dharani Enterprises allied activities are subjected to the interest of the firm. Since other business are offered in association with concern business associated with Dharani Enterprises.

Business Approach

  • Vision statement:
    Offering on stop solutions with professional trading and transportation services at different verticals.
  • Mission statement:
    Customized trading and transportation solutions directed with the principle of quality and transparency.
  • Values:
    Services directed towards customer satisfaction with consistent quality

Business concept

Dharani Enterprises endeavor to offer professional trading and transportation services for Industry under one roof allied with Structural erections and fabrication, Manpower Supply required for Civil & Labor Works, undertaking construction contracts, road works, operation and maintenance contacts.

  • Transportation of Goods:
    Dharani Enterprises provide logistics and transportation for industry to facilitate the flow of goods efficiently. Our services are provided by highly skilled workforce at relatively lower cost. We integrate supply chain network for industries through multiple transportation modes, including air and express delivery services, freight, maritime transport, and truck transport. We strive to serve customers efficiently via tailored logistics and transportation solutions that ensure coordinated goods movement.
  • Engineering services:
    Dharani Enterprises assist in Structural Erections and Fabrication contracts, Manpower Supply for Civil Works, Construction contracts, Road works, Plant Operation and Maintenance contracts. We practice quality and timely delivery of projects as a principle. Our services are cost efficient and safety conscious oriented. With the leverage of strong network, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions as per the customer requirement. Our service encompasses of supply manpower requirement for Construction Industrial plants to ensure safety & security of the plants by assisting Skilled & unskilled man power supply for Plant Operation , maintenance , shut down jobs and as well as for project works.
  • Trading in Industrial goods, Electrical goods and Industrial Safety Products
    Dharani Enterprises in association with industry experts Trade provide unmatched electrical goods and Industrial safety products required. We maintain consistency in quality, and conduct business under the regulatory lines. At Dharani Enterprises, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to Electrical goods and Industrial Safety. Thus, we ensure quality control and approval before being transferred to the factory store. Our service encompasses of supply manpower requirement for Construction Industrial plants to ensure safety & security of the plants by assisting Skilled & unskilled man power supply for Plant Operation , maintenance , shut down jobs and as well as for project works.
  • Trading in GGBS and Fly Ash/Slag and related products
    Offering a superior quality range of products like GGBS Slag, Blast Furnace Slag etc. Dharani Enterprises trade with Strong distribution network, Prompt customer services, Timely delivery of consignments, International quality standards, Competitive pricing policy and follow Ethical business practices. We have dedicated and sincere professionals to ensure smooth business operations.

Business Illumination

  • Business Name: L.V. Developers, Sarjapur, Bangalore
  • Business Type : Partnership operated pioneers of the Industry
  • Year of Establishment: 2011
  • Business Concerns :
    1) Residential construction Apartments and modern villas as Freight Cargo Movers, Transport Operators, Transport Contractors & Agents

Company Introduction

L.V. Developers focus on residential construction from Sarjapur, Bangalore. We provide a wide range of home building services, including custom home remodelling and improvement projects. Being a budding organization with a vision to offer quality services to buyers, we strive to be the most trusted and highly experienced residential construction companies of India. Our customers recognize L.V. Developers for delivering exceptional quality and value, both on time and within budget. We achieve this through our seasoned staff and residential building professionals, with a strong work culture that has been cultivated over 15 years.

When it comes to finding the right residential construction with best company offering world class apartments and modern villas in and around Bangalore, our teams of experts at L.V. Developers serve you with premier solution.

We work with high professional to fulfil the dreams of buyers. Our projects have established the quality of construction with professional work. Working on numerous prestigious projects with heavy structural constructions and civil contracts of Karnataka, we ensure quality and timely delivery of the constructions undertaken by us.

Providing custom residential construction services is an integral aspect to our company. Each custom project we build is completely unique to our clients’ needs, offering a rich combination of craftsmanship, quality, and value. Every aspect a customer chooses, from the architectural design to the finishing details, is seamlessly integrated to create a custom built home that is truly as per the customer specification.

L.V. Developers has the resources and capabilities to bring the residential construction project to life. Spanning from high-end luxury homes to more economical living spaces, we are dedicated to complete the project with the attention to every detail. We communicate with the customer effectively often to understand the requirement, and take care of all the aspects involved in building a perfect home. With L.V. Developers take care of the residential construction step-by-step through process and execute the vision of the client with precision and professionalism.


  • Mission statement:
    L.V. DEVELOPERS envision establishing a paramount reputation with a commitment and on time delivery. We constantly strive for excellence in the pursuit of perfection in whatever we do.
  • Vision statement:
    L.V. Developers endeavour to set the benchmark through consistent delivering global standardized quality of construction. With the committed Study, Understanding and Research directed to achieve and surpass international benchmarks in all the activities performed.
  • Values:
    Dedicated work in terms of time frame, costing and overall client's expectations

Business Abstract

  • Business concept:
    L.V. Developers work with the concept of unique eco-friendly constructions with finest architectures and green concept buildings. We transform the way people perceive quality in the construction Industry. We continue to invest in modern business practices and management techniques in order to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the industry. We continue to build on our reputation with our focus firmly on growing the ability of the business to deliver in new and innovative ways. Our ambition and goals have always been to deliver quality projects and value for money to our clients; our success and reputation today have been testament to this wisdom.

Products / Services

  • Residential construction:
    At L.V. Developers, we provide a wide range construction services to handle many different projects. We serve as the main contractor for many clients with vast construction needs. Although we can handle complete construction projects from the ground up, we can also provide specialized services in many facets of custom construction and home building, including:-
  • Home Remodeling
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Loft Conversions
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Conservatories

Our team of experts at L.V. Developers is dedicated to provide the customers with quality finished products in minimal time and with minimal interruptions. We retain the ability to respond to any given situation quickly and thoroughly. We offer swift output to the clients with flexible and professional construction services for a wide variety of needs.

Working on various projects, we offer stylish and unique living space from conversion of apartments to traditional houses, we offer an inspiring selection of homes to choose from both in terms of Apartments and villas.

We have reputations for creating outstanding developments and schemes consistently that have won the customers recognition by exceeding the expectations in innovation and sympathetic design combined with high quality and traditional craftsmanship.

We believe in sustainable growth and acknowledge our responsibility to the environment in which we operate and to society as a whole. We are committed to our ethical principles and do everything we can to promote fair business conduct. We believe in equality of opportunity and work to encourage and support diversity. We promote all measures to protect health and safety. In this way we reduce the risk of accidents and safeguard the health of all concern.

Partners and Projects

  • Projects:
    L.V.Developers AKRUTI LV is a project that is conveniently located off the Sarjapur Road in Sompura Gate. They are our new residential project consisting of premium 2 BHK luxuries flats with modern amenities and facilities. They are built in terms of creating a memorable moments to cherish forever with green land scape around for a fresh breath and soothing natural settings. The project is surrounded with peaceful neighbourhood and clean environment with fresh greenery for a pleasant mood and indulgence of the pleasures with family.

Life at AKRUTI LV is enticingly comfortable with required facilities in short distance. From shopping malls, entertainment zones, bus stop, schools to hospitals. It’s at the centre of the area with easy access to these facilities. One can get used to comfortable living and start planning to utilize the leisure time best by staying at this marvellous home and spend special moments with loved ones. AKRUTI LV is built in lines of contemporary living inspired by international standards.

  • Ongoing Project:
    1) Diamond hills:
    L.V.Developers is working on Luxurious flats project called the Diamond hills, located in the midst of the nature at the Sompur gate, Sarjapur. The location is in the short distance from the city amenities and IT companies. Holding 3 BHK and 2 BHK luxury flats the project is a flagship of L.V.Developers. The project is equipped with encapsulates rare blend of quality and class. These aesthetically designed luxury homes will replete impeccable interiors and top-notch specifications set in a peaceful space

Majestically spread across acres of landscaped, there are luxury 2 BHK & 3 BHK units that range to accommodate all the necessities for a good life.


  • Mr. Srinivas Reddy
  • Mr. Vasu Babu

Business Illumination

  • Business Title: Civilika Constructions
  • Type of ownership : Partnership
  • Year of Establishment: 2013-2014
  • Registration details: PAN : AFEPYA287Q
  • Service Tax: AFEPYA287QSD0001
  • Business Concerns :
    1) Maintenance,
    2) Construction and Infrastructure
    3) Civil
    4) Mechanical
    5) Telecom
    6) Electrical Solar Plant

Company preface

M/s Civilika Constructions provide maintenance, construction and infrastructure support through extensive experience and collaborative work methods. We deliver complete utility, infrastructure planning and Maintenance services. Exhibiting proven quality and timely delivery of projects, we assist clients to address growing demand for additional transmission path, distribution capacity and replacing damaged or aging infrastructure.

We execute projects that are cost efficient and Safety conscious. We invest time with our clients to understand their businesses to deliver work that adds value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to provide long lasting contributions in terms of civil, telecom, mechanical, electrical and maintenance, construction and infrastructure.

M/s Civilika Constructions core value is client focus. It describes our objective to create and maintain ongoing business relationships with our clients. We deliver superior and measurable value that exceeds the expectation of the client requirements and same acknowledged by our existing clients.

Each area of service are offered with expertise controlled by highly experienced managers working within the control of M/s Civilika Constructions. The managers in turn are supported by a highly motivated, experienced, trained and flexible workforce.

M/s Civilika Constructions strive to deliver and achieve the goal through proven management and operational processes that consistently meet client’s budgets and deadlines.

Business Approach

  • Vision statement:
    Provide comprehensive solutions that integrate firm design, engineer, and construct clients’ projects from beginning to end with expert services that facilities world-class Infrastructure
  • Mission statement:
    M/s Civilika Constructions offers complete range of maintenance, construction and infrastructure services in terms of civil, electrical, mechanical and telecom. Which are proven standers of services, and are in line with bench mark quality.
  • Values:
    Identifying unique opportunities to add value that drives innovation and efficiency.

Business Interpretation

  • Business Concept:
    Maintenance, Construction and Infrastructure for civil, telecom , mechanical, electrical and solar plant works for Industries. we design resulting solutions in the given schedule and cost. We partner with our clients and understand their goals to achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety and sustainability.
  • Civil:
    We offer wide a range of Civil services with a team of specialist in infrastructure, maintenance and Construction. The team focuses on providing outstanding service by delivering superior end product directed towards customer satisfaction. we take care of health, safety and welfare on priority while planning the activities. We work closely with clients and comply with environmental management system to address environmental issues in forefront while it comes to civil infrastructure, maintenance and Construction. we provide a competitive and high quality service with continuous standard of operation in compliance of regulation .
  • Mechanical:
    Our teams expertise support in existing maintenance activities and asset care, from the provision of a single mechanical operative to complex tunnel ventilation and extract systems through comprehensive services. M/s Civilika Constructions have the capacity to provide flexible and adaptable mechanical services wherever required by the clients. We involve State of art equipments to reduced emissions. We assist in instrumentation services and installation at the plant which included the erection of the main station transformers, auxiliary transformers, main circuit breakers, switchboards, control panels cable, support systems and cabling.
  • Telecom:
    M/s Civilika Constructions delivers critical services that support the development and resilience of telecommunications networks. We designs, builds, operates and maintains the optical fiber network infrastructure that drives successful communication. >We offer end-to-end solutions that ensure performance deliver with total certainty against the contractual obligations. Our Team is highly experienced with optimal site solutions and provide best telecom management solutions saving customers considerable time and effort.
  • Electrical:
    M/s Civilika Constructions provide engineering design, installation and maintenance services to electricity networks for industries. We apply specialized design, construction and maintenance skills to develop a adaptive electrical solutions to suit the business needs despite the size or the complexity involved . We aim to minimize the risk and maximize the performance of electrical assets and network. Adding value to electrical network, we develop and manage projects with safe & sustainable equipments that withhold high voltage electricity and multi-utility networks of major infrastructure.
  • Solar Plant:
    M/s Civilika Constructions provide forefront commercialized renewable energy for servicing the solar power solutions. We offers comprehensive range of services to assist renewable projects from conceptual design to completion. We provide swift and reliable services with immense renewable energy project development experience. Which includes engineering, procurement, construction, plant technology integration, program management and operations maintenance. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of power plant process system design and solar thermal power projects, we equip clients with innovative and reliably system components that minimizing thermal stress of the plant.

Eminent clients

  • Reliance Jio
  • Tata Projects
  • LNT
  • American Tower corporation


  • Balance Sheet
  • Summary of Executed works
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